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Rich Product Content – Why It’s Essential For Your E-commerce Business

It is no secret that the number of people shopping online is increasing rapidly. We are seeing more and more ecommerce businesses popping up all the time, but how, within this increasingly competitive environment, do you stand out? This is where rich product content comes in. Given the intangible nature of e-commerce, shoppers are becoming more demanding of product information in order to gain similar experiences to that of being in-store. How well a shopper understands your product almost certainly affects whether or not they make a purchase. Rich product content such as engaging product descriptions, images and videos is essential in making this happen. Some studies have shown consumers are more likely to stay on a page longer if there is quality images and video content. Videos are one of the most influential factors determining a sale as they give shoppers the chance to see a product in action and how it may benefit them.

We are conscious of the role that content plays in driving website traffic and increasing conversions which is why our content marketing team work hard to create a range of engaging, informative content for our products. Our latest release of gold content for the adidas Home Gym includes product and lifestyle imagery, a featured product insight video, infographics and now for the first time specific exercise animations. These visuals demonstrate exactly what exercises can be performed with the Home Gym where animations show which muscles are being targeted for each exercise. Information regarding features and specifications have been designed on easy to digest infographics along with a complementary workout and nutritional guide offering a comprehensive ready to use product. We endeavour to create new and engaging content so that customers are better able to understand and interact with our products online. All of our content is readily available within our RFE Product Library. For any enquiries regarding content please get in touch with us at


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