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The Evolution of Personal Training

With a rise in the way we interact with technology each and every day, it is inevitable that we are starting to see more traditional services starting to evolve.

With thanks to the Internet and Social Media, many trainers today are able to showcase their work and expertise online for the whole world to see. To compliment this, more and more trainers are beginning to offer online personal training to their online following, providing an accessible, cheap and customised alternative to the strictly in-gym experience.

Customised training plans are developed based on individual needs and can incorporate gym sessions as well as at-home and on the go workouts. With access to a variety of affordable home fitness equipment, people are able to buy the necessary tools for an effective workout that suits their day-to-day routine and have online trainers who make themselves available 24/7 for support.

Resources such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram provide a wealth of training knowledge allowing people to select different types of training based on their goals. Better yet, many qualified PT’s have raised awareness in terms of injury prevention and are increasingly demonstrating the correct, safe way to implement different exercises. These platforms provide an endless amount of resources for people to stay motivated and on track with their fitness goals.

While aspects of online training cannot be traded for the experience and devotion received from the traditional in-gym PT experience, it remains a great initiative that opens up a range of different training possibilities catering to individual situations.

What do you think about online coaching? We would love to hear from you!


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