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Assurances of Treadmill Safety for RFE manufactured products

RFE manufactures treadmills for Reebok, adidas and Dynamax brands globally. In light of recent reports from CPSC regarding a number of child entrapment cases on treadmills in the USA, we are aware that some customers are seeking reassurance of treadmill safety. RFE would like to reassure our customers of our ongoing commitment to adhere to the highest technical and quality standards and assure you that we always consider the safety of our customers to be of paramount importance.

Treadmills are highly regulated so not only can you take confidence from our world class quality and factory teams, but also in the legislative framework which RFE verify in 3rd party accredited test laboratories, guaranteeing the safety and performance of your product.

We would however like to take the opportunity to remind you of the safety obligations which all customers must adhere to:

  • Use your safety key - the red safety key must be clipped to your waistband whenever using our treadmills to ensure the machine can be immediately stopped if required. In an emergency scenario, the safety key would be pulled from the machine bringing the running belt to a halt. When the machine is not in use you must store the safety key away from the treadmill, and out of the reach of children.

  • Keep children and pets away from your treadmill at all times.

  • Train in a clear space – allow for a minimum space of 2m around the treadmill when in operation.

  • Read your user manual – for full details on correct use, maintenance, environment, safety checks and full instructions then you can refer to your user manual.

If you require further support or guidance, we have large amounts of support content on our websites:, and Alternatively contact us on +1(800)215 6216 in the USA, or +44(0)800 440 2459 in the UK. For other territories, our contact numbers or alternative means of contacting us, can be found through the above weblinks.

We hope you continue to enjoy training from home on your adidas, Reebok or Dynamax treadmills.


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