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Contrast Training

Strength + Power = Athlete

As gyms have now opened up and routines are back in full flow, most people are charging towards the dumbbells or squat racks to build back some strength and muscle mass.

However, what if the best way to solidify improvements in strength is to compound it with some good, old fashioned, calorie burning plyometrics.

Neither traditional strength training nor plyometrics are anything new to the fitness world, but super setting the two to gain more muscular output is based on the theory of post-activation potentiation (PAP). So, the theory is that combining a heavy lift of 5-10 reps with an equal number of reps of a complimentary plyometric movement is said to hyper activate your nervous system and boost muscular output.

This increasingly popular form of strength training can improve sprint speed, jump height and overall explosive power; all while burning more calories and keeping that heart rate up.

So next time you step towards the weight rack, maybe take a platform or box with you and see the difference.


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