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FLOATRIDE - Bringing gym performance home

Designed completely around the home runner, the FR20 and FR30 take the solid, dependability you would expect from a heavy-use commercial treadmill and repackages those same features and benefits into a stylish, minimalist design, built specifically to complement any home environment.

Taking inspiration and learnings from the award winning Floatride running shoe; the Floatride range has two spec levels.

At the heart of the Floatride treadmills is the latest eco-Kinetic motor from Reebok, providing impressive power from a compact, quiet and energy efficient power unit. Perfect for domestic use.

Running isn’t just about speed, which is why the endurance of the motor has been rigorously tested to ensure maximum reliability throughout its lifespan. Reebok are so confident in the power and reliability of the eco-Kinetic motor, they stamp it with an industry leading 10-year motor guarantee.


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