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RFE International SS20

With the new year now in full swing and the focus on a healthy lifestyle being more prevalent than ever before, here are the latest and greatest RFE products to help you with your fitness goals. Have a look through the season highlights below!


Launching in this season are newly branded training gloves, weights and combat ranges. Also, new to the Reebok product category is weighted apparel, to enhance any workout regime with purposefully designed vests, gloves and limb weights.

Reebok’s premium ventilation technology, Activchill has now been rolled out in our new compression wear. This gives a new, high end element to our compression wear range in the ever evolving recovery and performance sector.

New to Reebok Cardio we have the SL8.0 additions; with the range now inclusive of a bike and front drive elliptical.



The new performance bench range will hybridise the home gym market with commercial gyms; giving added content to guide you through the exercise potential of each product.

As well as revamped training accessories, such as gloves, weights and weighted apparel; the accessory range now has adidas compression to enhance performance and recovery.

The T-19 range has brought a progressive home cardio workout to the market and this season we are launching the new T-19i. Spec alterations make the product both technically advanced whilst maintaining high performance.

For all the latest and greatest content and product releases, visit our Product Library.


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