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Time to take up bodyweight training?

Bodyweight exercises as an indicator of strength have been a staple for any gym goer for decades. But as we approach a more balanced approach to health and fitness; and with gym closures limiting the weight available for strength training, we are seeing more and more creativity with bodyweight training. Question is… Is this more traditional method of training better?

With more and more gym closures throughout the pandemic, people are turning their back on heavy weights and structured strength training and moving towards more balanced and hypertrophic methods.

One of these tried and tested methods is that of bodyweight training. These markers have been a solid test for relative strength for the longest time; number of pull-ups until failure, number of push-ups until failure, max plank time, wall sits, and the list goes on.

However, COVID-19 has brought about creativity and structure to the fitness market that has elevated bodyweight training to being a far more central ingredient to a balanced fitness regime.

Within this cascade of creative and adaptive bodyweight workouts, the utilisation of weight enhancement and wearables are key to progressing the hypertrophy achieved within lower rep ranges, whilst maintaining the compact footprint and versatility of bodyweight movements that have been so necessary in 2020.


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