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Top 5 fitness products for Travelling

Summer is here and we know how hard it can be to scratch that workout itch while you’re enjoying your holiday. So, we’ve put together 5 of our favourite products for you to add to your suitcase this holiday!

We wanted to ensure that within this bundle, you can work out the whole body and incorporate an effective form of cardio and recovery.

Designed with numbered arrows and a shoulder target, the adidas Performance Push-Up Bars perpendicular grip alignment encourages perfect form in three highly effective push-up positions. With the embossed arrows facing forwards, the numbered positions can accommodate triceps, deltoid and major pectoral adjustments for more focused and concentrated muscular development.

The foam gripped handles offer a comfortable palm grip with debossed three stripes ergonomically spaced for the fingers, mimicking that of a more traditional bar knurl. A rigid “A” frame structure provides strength and stability, whilst the rubber gripped underside lends itself to push-ups on any flat surface.

Allowing you to build endurance on the go, the Reebok Skipping Rope requires minimal space and time to create an effective cardio workout. Easily adjusted and cut to size, the 280 cm Rope delivers consistent speed and accuracy; allowing you to get into a rhythm with your training.

Made from durable material that features a rubberised feel, the Rope itself is designed as such to cut through the air with minimal resistance allowing you to control your cadence with ease. Fitted with aerodynamically designed cut-out handles, the hardwearing form delivers a more effective grip whilst allowing airflow to the palms for reduced irritation.

adidas Resistance Bands are an essential accessory for lower body workouts; bringing steady and stabilising resistance to your training for greater strength and muscular endurance. The bands can also be used for rehabilitation exercises, helping to isolate muscles and improve recovery.

Made from an elasticated polyester weave, the Resistance Bands combine durability with comfort. The lightweight, compact design makes the bands an ideal training partner on the move or within a confined space.

Complete with carry bag, the light, medium and heavy resistance bands are built to boost your training regime, enhancing weight training or bodyweight sessions.

adidas Recovery Massage Ball

Helping to relieve tight tissue, the Double Massage Ball provides tailored pressure to increase blood flow and accelerate recovery.

The dual-ball design creates two points of pressure for more targeted back, arm and leg massages.

Dishwasher-safe and BPA-free, the Reebok 500 ml Bottle keeps you hydrated for top performance.

Designed with a squeezy texture and puff valve cap, the bottle’s compact and ergonomic design is perfect for use on the move.

Ideally sized, the Bottle is 7.25 cm in diameter and 19 cm tall: making it perfect for bottle clips and holders on both exercise machines and bikes.

Screw-on cap design helps prevent leakage.

500 ml capacity with embossed volume markings.


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