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Boxing is back and taking on the Fitness Industry one Boutique Studio at a time

Speciality fitness has increased more and more over the last few years with groups like Pure Barre, CrossFit and Soul Cycle providing unconventional ways for people to work out. While it’s not a new sport, boxing has fallen into this category and has seen an increase in popularity in the past few years. Now more than ever we are seeing boutique boxing clubs by the likes of New York’s Rumble and London’s 12x3 opening up in many major cities. It’s no surprise considering the increasing popularity for UFC as well as many top models namely those associated with Victoria's Secret using the sport to stay in shape.

With bright colourful lights and luxe studios it’s easy to see why people are becoming more attracted to Boxing. The training itself however, has remained much the same. Below we take a look at the many benefits of boxing and why so many people are making it their training of choice. Total Body Workout While it may seem like it’s all arm work, it’s surprising how many parts of the body boxing uses. It requires your full upper body to constantly engage your core, hips, legs and feet all the while testing your speed, strength, coordination and technique. HIIT A high intensity interval workout, boxing increases your heart rate while sparring, followed by short rest periods in between each round. Now a popular form of exercise, HIIT burns more fat than a steady state cardio session as well as continuing to burn calories hours after the workout is complete.

Not Just a Cardio Workout Boxing works the cardiovascular sure, but it also does a good job at building toned muscles as well. Repetitively punching and kicking a bag or focus pads creates a resistance against your arms and legs producing strong and toned muscles. Stress Relief We know the feeling of being frustrated and wanting to exert a build-up of energy. The good thing about boxing is that it allows you to do so, in a safe and controlled environment! Physically hitting a punching bag produces a response in your body that helps to relieve this tension.

Mentally Stimulating Remembering to punch, duck, step and move back all on que proves to work the memory as much as it does the muscles. Boxing does a great job at exercising the brain to remember certain sequences as well as to maintain focus and power.

Confidence Building Boxing teaches you how to defend yourself and whether noticeable or not, this makes us feel quite empowered. Mastering the coordination skills and technique that comes with the sport also makes you feel pretty good about yourself, not to mention slimming down and toning up at the same time.

With the many physical and psychological benefits of boxing it’s no surprise that many people are getting involved with the sport, while club owners are seeing an opportunity to provide this to their clients.

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