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adidas - Run for the Oceans

As a proud licensee of adidas, we wanted to showcase the initiatives they are doing to help combat the environmental issues we see today.

Since 2015, adidas has partnered with Parley to help clear up plastic waste that ends up in our oceans and surrounding landscape. Take a look and see what they achieved in 2021.

They have promised for every 10 minutes of running through their app, they will remove 1 bottle from the ocean (up to 500,000lbs of plastic).

Here’s how Run for The Oceans works:

· Sign up for Run for the Oceans on the adidas Running app

· Invite friends and family to join

· Track runs and other sports with the app from May 23-June 8

· Share your progress and inspire change!

Discover more about the Run for the Oceans campaign here

To find out more about our Sustainability Promise, click here


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