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Airbus 'Transpose' Partnership - Reebok

Airbus’ ‘Transpose’ concept is at the forefront of innovation within the aviation industry, with the detachable and swappable seating/entertainment modules set to revolutionise the world of air travel as we know it. Reebok Fitness/RFE international are delighted to have partnered with Airbus to help bring fitness to people’s lives, even at 40,000 feet!

Working together on fitness modules, Airbus and RFE are aiming to cater to the fitness community within the next 3-4 years; providing a mid-flight workout for high-end destination flights such as LA-London and NYC-Paris. RFE are providing fitness equipment for an Airbus test module which will be showcased at San Jose Airport on April the 24th this year.

Below are some concept images of what an Airbus fitness module could look like:


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