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Successful Reebok Functional Install At SportScheck Store, Germany

SportScheck in Leipzig, Germany is a sports and fitness store offering a variety of accessories, sportswear, shoes and fitness equipment. With up to date ranges, SportScheck continually meets the latest trends in the industry.

With SportScheck being one of RFE International’s valued customers in the German region, sales manager Olaf Jäeger (RFE Germany) collaborated with the store to install a Reebok Fitness Functional training display during March 2016.

The configurable Reebok Tri Rig took centre stage, armed with a host of Reebok Functional training accessories including Hex dumbbells, kettlebells and weight plates to complete the retail ensemble.

Uta Keil, SportScheck Store Manager commented, “The Reebok Tri Rig has been very well received and customer interest is vast. Our employees are actively demonstrating the number of different exercises which can be performed using the rig – which is an absolute highlight in Leipzig! In addition, the smaller articles provide a very good assortment and are selling well in store.”

SportScheck buyer Markus Fertig added, “I would certainly agree with Uta. Overall we have successfully built upon the Functional Training trend, adding further lines to our stores – the Reebok Tri Rig being a true highlight.

It is fundamental for us to visualise this type of product with appealing and informative POS to represent authenticity and detail the key features of the equipment. Further to this, we are now able to host in-store events using the rig to ensure our customers see the system in action alongside the appropriate functional accessories.”

In response, Olaf Jäeger, Sales Manager, RFE Germany said, “We have only just begun distributing and selling Reebok Functional products within the 21 retail stores of SportScheck – already, we are receiving fantastic feedback. Initially we will equip 3 stores in Leipzig, Munich and Stuttgart with our configurable Tri Rig system, following this stage we will roll out to further stores.

Functional fitness is unquestionably popular at the moment and we are delighted to align our marketing of this type of training with SportScheck who are presenting our brand new range within the stores. We are sure that the Functional displays, especially the Tri Rig, will prove a huge success.”

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