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The Reebok Deck - Built for fitness

The home workout method is continuing to be a feature in the fitness world. This has made versatile training equipment the premium choice for people's more compact training footprint.

Combining aerobic and strength training, the Deck’s unique configurable design provides you with total control over your workout. With more than 20 setup combinations, there are dozens of exercises that can be done.

The multi-textured workout surface has been re-engineered to provide better-targeted grip and superior cushioned comfort over previous generations. The visual target zones create reference points for better form and sharper transitions, while the ribbed side panels deliver maximum traction on the outermost edges to give you the confidence you need for higher intensity workouts. The upgraded surface makes it even better for stepping, jumping and lunging as well as sitting and lying on for weightlifting exercises.

This is just one of the updated deck features to enhance the home workout landscape.

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