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World Class To Deliver Greater Training Experience For Members With New Reebok Functional Training A

Featured product: Reebok Functional Tri Rig and Power Station

Client: World Class

Club: Pipera Plaza, Romania

During Q1 2016, RFE International, the fitness equipment licensee behind both the adidas and Reebok brands, was tasked with installing the new, configurable Reebok Functional Tri Rig and a design-built dual Power Station zone into an elite training facility, namely World Class Romania.

The leading health academy required two engaging functional training arenas which could be integrated into their already modern 1,494 sq. metre facility and would appeal to their loyal and broad member base of 47,000. The dedicated, clutter-free functional CrossFit zones now include the Reebok Functional Tri Rig, Power Station and a selection of accessories from the new Reebok Functional product portfolio.

Mikael Fredholm, Chief Executive Officer, World Class International commented, “The first Reebok Functional zones which have recently been installed in our latest club World Class Pipera Plaza are an immediate hit with our members.

“As a company we are continuously looking to provide our members with new and innovative services, and with an expanded network of 28 fitness centres, this becomes even more of a challenge. We are delighted that the Reebok Functional arenas are not only well received by our members, but also by our Personal Trainers. After only a few weeks, our PTs have developed innovative functional training methods for their clients, both one-to-one sessions and small group training – a concept we have struggled with in the past.

“We introduced functional training into World Class four years ago, and it was something completely new to our members in Romania. At first it was met with scepticism, but also curiosity. Today it is the most popular form of training in our gyms and we place much emphasis on the functional training zones in all of our clubs – and from now on, the Reebok Functional Tri Rig and Power Station.”

“We also featured the Reebok Functional install in our pre-marketing campaign which proved a success, highlighting a new and unique concept in this particular club.”

Garry Taylor, International Commercial Manager of RFE International added, “Gym facilities embracing the functional trend, much like World Class, can successfully expand upon their programme offering for members. Not only will a fully accessorised functional training area provide an enhanced user experience, implementing a range of innovative training equipment enables members to experiment outside of their usual training routine.

“We believe the first install fits perfectly with the World Class philosophy of excellence in training and look forward to replicating this successful Reebok Functional setup within two further World Class facilities in Q2.”

Based on the experience gained and expertise shared, the next step for World Class is to incorporate the latest Reebok Functional training products into both personal and group personal training as part of a new concept – World Class Training Camp (WTC) in this area. WTC, as part of the World Class Education platform, will be an 8-week boot camp-style training program which will conclude with an outdoor obstacle race.

This is just one of many ideas in the pipeline, with World Class integrating the rig into its already comprehensive member programmes.


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