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Introducing the adidas Home Rig

The adidas Home Rig is officially launched.

2016 sees the launch of the new adidas Home Rig, developed and manufactured by RFE, the leading sports and fitness equipment company and licensee for adidas. This is a configurable and space-efficient piece of training apparatus for home use which is designed to help individuals improve movement proficiency in everyday life.

Functional training is without a doubt one of the most influential fitness trends in the past decade, acclaimed for improving strength, coordination, balance, function and overall performance. Workouts are dynamic, exciting and appealing to the masses. Typically seen in gym facilities, enthusiasts can now build their own home gym space and achieve their potential without leaving the front door.

The story

The concept behind the launch campaign video ‘Create. Change. Become.’ encourages us to create our own journey, focus on change to make progress and aim to be better than we were yesterday, as communicated through the video’s narration. This concept ties into adidas’ global direction relating to the ‘creators’ who seek out new and dynamic tools and methods in their training.

The Home Rig is positioned as one of those new tools.

The details

  • Durable solid steel home rig designed for functional training, fixed to the floor by corner bolt plates

  • 13 height adjustable positions for bars and attachments

  • 4 types of carabiner attachments – lat pull down bar, straight bar, dual foam padded hand grips and ankle strap

  • 6 weight plate storage bars with Olympic plate attachments and spring collars

  • Integrated crossbar for bodyweight training, including pull ups and suspension training

  • 60kg weight stack limit on lower pulley system

  • Weight plates, barbells and other accessories are sold separately (Rig only)


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