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World Unites For Reebok's #WorldBurpeeDay

12 October 2016 saw Reebok’s inaugural World Burpee Day spring into action with a 24-hour continuous video featuring more than 66,000 user-submitted burpees using the hashtag #Burpeethon.

Burpees — universally loved and loathed — are the one unequivocal, unifying movement in fitness. They’re used (ruthlessly) in workouts around the world, and ever since their creation in 1939 have been used to test the physical fitness and mental toughness of their practitioners.

This power move, which can be done in a variety of beginner, intermediate and advanced ways, can burn up to 50 percent more fat than lower intensity workouts, effectively working the arms, chest, quads, glutes, hamstrings and abs.

Of course burpees can be done with or without equipment – but we think the right equipment can really add a new dimension to the traditional burpee as demonstrated below!


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